Cartrack Private Vehicle Tracking

World-class vehicle tracking and recovery technology

Cartrack Private Vehicle Tracking

World-class vehicle tracking and recovery technology

Protect your vehicle from theft

Protect your vehicle from theft

Trusted by Companies Big & Small


We Stand Behind Our Products

Cartrack is the only company that makes its intelligent tracking devices in our own factories, and the only company with intelligent tracking devices that are still going strong eight years after installation


How Private Vehicle Tracking Works


Cartrack’s device will be expertly installed into your vehicle and cannot be detected.



Get notified immediately via your mobile app when someone initiates a trip with your vehicle. As such, you will be alerted to possible theft at all times.

Accurate Tracking

Using GPS, cellular networks, and Google Maps, Cartrack provides total transparency into the location and status of your vehicle. Advanced communications network keeps tabs on the location and environment of your vehicle.



Instant Positioning via Control Room
Accurately position your vehicles in real time via the internet or by phoning our 24/7 control room

Back-up Battery
An internal back-up battery provides power in the event that the vehicle’s battery is disconnected or fully discharged.

Advanced Fitment Techniques
Our advanced fitment techniques provide maximum assurance that your tracking device will not be found or disabled in a theft situation.

Ignition Sensor
This allows you to continuously monitor whether the vehicle ignition is on or off, thereby giving you additional important information on your vehicle’s state and possible theft situations.

Power Event Notification
Receive an alert should your vehicle battery be disconnected. This could indicate some form of tampering with your vehicle

Customers Rave About Cartrack

"Thank you for your outstanding service and quick response. Thank you for being such a star, and making it a real pleasure to deal with you"

- Owner of a Private Vehicle