March 29, 2017
March 29, 2017


Fleet Management and GPS Tracking

Lower fuel & operating costs by tracking vehicle activities


Increase Your Profits with Customized Fleet Operating Software


Increase Your Profits with Customized Fleet Operating Software


Additional Savings: Driver & Vehicle Cost Management

Upgrade to Mi-Fleet and get automated cost & maintenance telematics on the vehicles and drivers in your fleet.


Trusted by Companies Big & Small


We Stand Behind Our Products

Cartrack is the only company that makes its intelligent tracking devices in our own factories, and the only company with intelligent tracking devices that are still going strong eight years after installation.


How Fleet Management Works


Ensure their performance meets your highest standards through proprietary scorecards, activity monitoring, and direct communication through dispatch messaging.



Receive instantaneous updates on vehicle status, location, and driving score to boost customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. Plus, upgrade to receive driver & vehicle cost management solutions.


Cartrack records everything needed to efficiently manage your fleet, and eliminate the need for manual logs. All it takes is 5 minutes to install. Watch this quick video to see how.



Using GPS technology and Google Maps, get total transparency of your vehicle’s current status and actions more frequently than any other tracking service available.


Our dispatch messaging technology creates a direct line between you and your drivers, which helps improve resource utilization, minimize costs, improve productivity, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.



Get total visibility into the fleet’s performance, including: detailed vehicle logs, driver scorecards, violation alerts, fuel consumption, productivity, geofencing violations, driver logs, and many more.


Are You ELD Compliant?

The ELD compliance deadline is December 2017. Are your vehicles ready?
If not, you and your drivers may be at risk of fines or worse. Get compliant today.

Customers Rave About Cartrack

"Cartrack’s cutting edge technology, allows us to get the best out of our staff. We have managed to come up with some wonderful reports which prove to be vital for managers regarding their teams performance. We have reduced fuel expenses by identifying excessive fuel usage due to excessive idling and speeding by our drivers."

- Ericsson