March 29, 2017
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June 23, 2017


Become ELD Compliant

1ELD is the simplest way to automate HOS, DVIR and IFTA reports

Cartrack's ELD Solution Does the Work for You

Why Do I Need 1ELD?


Product Feature Comparison



ELD Compliant- -- - 
HOS ReportingManual tracking submitted by driver.Manual tracking submitted and archived electronically.Automatic tracking from ignition-on to ignition-off, plus FMCSA/DOT compliance.
DVIR ReportingManually submitted in hard-copy by driver.Manually submitted and archived electronically.Manually submitted and archived electronically, plus automatic fault code detection notifications.
IFTA ReportingManual submitted by driver.Automatic reporting.Automatic reporting, plus actual odometer reading from engine.
GPS Locations and Geofencing- -Unreliable satellite-tracking.Accurate device-tracking.
Dispatch and Messaging- -Instant digital dispatch communication.Instant digital dispatch communication.
Driver Scorecards and Reporting- -- -Automatic recordkeeping of driver behavior, plus proprietary scorecard technology.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Cartrack is the only company that makes its intelligent tracking devices in our own factories, and the only company with intelligent tracking devices that are still going strong eight years after installation


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How 1ELD Works



Plug-in 1ELD’s diagnostics hardware into your vehicle’s port, and it’ll track all the details needed for HOS, DVIR, and IFTA reporting.


Mobile driver app

Our frustration-free, big-button Android & iOS apps are designed to make operation as easy as possible. 1ELD requires minimal input, and any major function is only one-click away.



1ELD puts managers in direct contact with their fleet through dispatching and task scheduling. This means you'll have full visibility of your fleet, and be federally compliant, too.



Fleet managers get automated HOS, DVIR, and IFTA reporting. The days of paper logs and file cabinets are coming to an end.


Additional Savings: Fleet Management

Increase Your Profits with Customized Fleet Operating Software


GPS fleet monitoring

Using our industry-best ping-rate, you’ll always know where your vehicles are located, and have a historical log of their driving activities.


Reduce fuel and operating costs

Fix bad habits by monitoring drivers speed, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies.  Start to see a real-change to your bottom line.

Fleet Safety

Ensure driver compliance and reduce vehicle accident rates with proactive driver monitoring.

Customers Rave About Cartrack

"Honestly, 1ELD was easier than I thought. Makes my job a lot easier. I can't believe I didn't know logging could be this simple to install, use, and report with. Going to recommend to anyone I talk to."

- Fernando