Cartrack Subsidises Fleet Management Solutions for Singapore Red Cross’ TransportAid

Singapore Red Cross deploys Cartrack’s fleet management solutions at subsidized rates across its TransportAid fleet of transporters; more non-emergency ambulance service providers expected to benefit.

Singapore, 5 Jan 2016 – Cartrack, the leading global provider of fleet management solutions, announced today that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Singapore Red Cross to provide fleet management solutions to the Singapore Red Cross TransportAid service.

With the technology, Singapore Red Cross (SRC) can deploy complimentary telematics tracking devices on its TransportAid fleet of transporters, which helps the elderly and disabled from low-income homes get to and from their healthcare service facilities, such as medical treatments, rehabilitation and day activity centres.

SRC will be able to leverage telematics technology to track and monitor its fleet through Cartrack’s dedicated web dashboard and mobile application. Besides gaining real time visibility on the location of each ambulance, SRC can also make data-driven decisions on route planning, as well as vehicle upkeep and servicing – optimizing fuel consumption, and ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

“We are very pleased to partner with SRC and make our little contribution to the community. With the many life-sustaining trips that the SRC TransportAid provides, we believe that better planning and managing of their logistics and transportation resources will help them improve overall operational efficiency,” said Evert Ong, CEO of Cartrack Singapore.

“We thank Cartrack Technologies for supporting our lifesaving mission. Red Cross TransportAid is a vital service for vulnerable people in Singapore to access healthcare. Cartrack’s technology solution will enable the optimisation of our fleet deployment,” said Mr Lim Theam Poh, Deputy Secretary General (Administration) of Singapore Red Cross, a homegrown humanitarian organisation.

Cartrack is now extending this special subsidized rate offering to all non-emergency ambulance providers under the SCDF’s 1777 Medical Services. Other ambulance operators who have joined the program include Hope Ambulance Services. Ambulance fleet owners can contact Cartrack at Tel: 6255 4151, email: info@cartrack.sg or visit tsd.cartrack.com.my/en/ for more information.

About Singapore Red Cross
Singapore Red Cross is a homegrown humanitarian organization, dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting lives and dignity and responding to emergencies since 1949. We serve the vulnerable through our blood donor recruitment programme, home and day activity centre for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, and community first aid. We build capacity and resilience through our training academy, and volunteer and youth development. Beyond our shores, we mobilise and translate contributions from the donor community to relief and recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts, with the aim of helping communities affected by disasters. For more information, please see www.redcross.sg.

About Cartrack Technologies Asia Pte Ltd
Cartrack is a leading global provider of fleet management solutions, insurance telematics and vehicle tracking and recovery as a safety and security service. Cartrack collects raw data from telematics devices installed in vehicles transforming it into intelligent management reports, allowing business to maximise operational efficiencies of their vehicles and human resources, leading to significant financial savings and competitive advantages. Founded in South Africa, Cartrack designated Singapore as their global growth hub for countries outside Africa. Cartrack Technologies Asia currently has subsidiaries in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Poland, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit tsd.cartrack.com.my/en/.

Singapore Red Cross partners with Cartrack for subsidized fleet management solutions, benefiting non-emergency ambulance services.