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Reduce Insurance Premiums

Reduce your insurance premium significantly by partnering with Cartrack.
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Crash Alert

Should your vehicle be in an accident, our 24/7 control room will receive an alert and emergency services will be immediately dispatched.
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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Cartrack can recover your stolen vehicle with our world-class tracking technology and vehicle recovery system. Cartrack has a proven track record in high-crime regions such as South Africa.
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Why Insurance Telematics?

Insurers face considerable challenges when setting premiums. Cartrack provides insights to drivers’ behaviour and driving habits, and in turn, dramatically reduces loss ratios.

Using Cartrack’s Insurance Telematics technology, insurers can construct a model to assess drivers based on many key driving habits and behaviours including:

* The kilometres driven
* The specific time of day that drivers are on the road
* The high-risk areas that vehicles are predominately driven or parked in
* Driver-specific elements such as speeding, harsh braking and sharp turning

How Insurance Telematics Works


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Mitigate / Reduce Fraudulent claims
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Reduce claim- recover vehicles pay-outs for stolen vehicles
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Manage high-risk clients – data can be used as evidence
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Communicate and capture driver behaviour
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An illustration of an apple macbook showing the schedule of fleet drivers available for dispatching

Easier dispatching, faster deliveries

Mitigate losses on motor vehicle claims
•Re-enactment of accidents
•Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Manage high-risk clients
Communicate and
legitimate data on driver behaviour

• Aggressive Driving
• Over-speeding
• Usage (driving hours)
• Route tracking
Enrich their auto insurance value proposition by adding services built upon data provided by telematics.

Represent a way of de-commoditising the car insurance policy.

In the medium/long term, this characteristic will become more and more important owing to the de-risking trend in the Motor Third Party Liability business, and due to the technical progress relating to security and connected cars.