Keep your drivers empowered and focused

Make your drivers’ lives happier and easier by helping them complete more jobs quicker with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Eliminate admin and complete jobs with ease

Drivers get all the information they need for a successful delivery in real-time, easily submit proof of job completion and give you feedback on delivery progress all from one place with only a few taps.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet delivery driver platform for drivers to submit or receive proof when deliveries are completed giving you real time alerts of driver location and progress of a task
Our fleet management software not only allows for real-time GPS location but immediate real-time communication all on one platform with real-time alerts

Improve driver communication

Your drivers can access their daily schedules, accept new jobs when they free and easily communicate important information to your dispatchers with zero interruption, all from one app.

Know that your drivers are safe

When your drivers feel cared for you increase your driver retention.

Keep your drivers safe on the road

Our work-logs ensure drivers aren’t tired or overworked, and you can improve safe driving using our driver-scorecards and smart-AI camera footage.


Reduce accidents

Our smart cameras give drivers visibility of their blind spots and alert them in real-time via audio of any danger or issues.

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Protect drivers from false accident claims

With footage from our cameras, you’ll be able to prove that your drivers weren’t at fault in an accident.