Improve taxi productivity and revenue accountability with a fleet management system built for your taxi business

Know your taxis’ and drivers’ job history, make and dispatch bookings and manage vehicle maintenance all from one platform.

Gain full visibility of your revenue

We link passenger counts and mileage to your taxi’s metre reading, ensuring every trip can be fully accounted for. Automate your reports with all the necessary trip history insights to ensure you can manage your profits accurately.

Fleet cabin cam showing a face of a distracted driver who is tailgating, and has braking harshly on Cartrack fleet management software dashboard.

Safer drivers, safer passengers

Our driver scorecards and AI-powered cameras let you see exactly which drivers need safe-driving training, preventing them from speeding, being distracted, cornering and braking too fast. Ultimately reducing your fines, accidents and maintenance costs.

Extend vehicle lifespan with simple maintenance scheduling

Receive preventative maintenance alerts  any of your vehicles need a service or specialised maintenance checks. You can easily assign bookings to drivers in advance so they can plan their schedules without disrupting your business.

Cartrack fleet management software maintenance real-time alert showing when a vehicle is due for alert in a red percentage chart
Dave interview

“The experience we have with Cartrack, together with their efficient and professional services, confirms that we have partnered with the true leader in fleet management”

Jimmy Chua
Huationg, Singapore
An illustration of an apple macbook showing the schedule of fleet drivers available for dispatching

Book and dispatch your taxis with ease

Check your drivers’ availability, schedule bookings and send customers their confirmation via SMS or email. You can even see where your nearest driver is for last-minute jobs or assign tasks to all drivers and allow them to accept based on their occupancy.

Less empty taxis and more trips

Compare each driver’s mileage, metre readings and travel zones to identify inefficiencies so you know whether to re-allocate underutilised taxis to high demand areas or guide drivers to increase their productivity.

A utilization alert reading showing the amount of time the fleet taxi driver is on duty compared to the time used