Reduce fuel costs with better fuel management

Simplify fuel cost data capturing, increase reliability, easily share information across your business, understand your leakages and get actionable insights to improve your fuel economy.

Understand your fuel trends and optimise your vehicle utilisation

Receive contextualised metrics on fuel per km travelled and per job completed for every driver and vehicle to quickly pinpoint the exact areas that require attention, and have all the tools you need to correct them.

A screenshot of our fleet fuel management system that allows you to reduce fuel cost with green indicators showing how much fuel was used per job and comparing it to the previous month
A screenshot of Cartrack fleet management software showing driver behaviour in orange colour to monitor idle time, harsh braking and speed for each fleet vehicle to improve fuel efficiency

Improve driving behaviour to cut fuel consumption

Our smart dashboard shows you how much fuel your fleet uses for unproductive idling and which drivers need extra driver-training, helping them reduce harsh road behaviour and unnecessary fuel consumption

Stop fuel-card fraud and fuel theft

Our smart algorithms automatically match fuel receipts with your vehicle’s location and fuel status, instantly notifying you of any potential fraud. Now you can spot abnormal increases in fuel consumption and access trip reports with fuel sensor data to validate any suspicions.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet management software that show live GPS location of a vehicle and how much fuel was poured on which tank and for how much

Manage fuel costs with ease

You can track every one of your fleet’s transactions, see exactly how your fuel costs are impacting your business and know where to make improvements.

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Automatically pull in fuel card transactions

Increase data accuracy and reliability, reduce administrative burdens and stop worrying about lost fuel receipts.

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Understand costs across your fleet

See exactly how your fuel consumption is divided across your vehicles, vehicle groups, drivers and more.

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Get smart reports straight to your inbox

Customise your fuel usage and expense reports and receive them daily, weekly or monthly so that they fit into your teams’ workflows.