Emergency In-Car Must Have List

“From a flat tyre or flat battery to a breakdown or even a medical issue, there is a lot that can go wrong while driving,” said TiAuto Group Marketing Executive, Joe du Plooy. “And while it’s not possible to plan for or attend to all types of roadside emergencies, a little preparation can go a long way.”

Tiger Wheel & Tyre suggests that motorists stock their boots with these essential emergency items:

  • A properly inflated spare tyre, jack and tyre wrench (excluding run-flats)
  • Battery jumper cables and if you regularly travel routes that are not well frequented then pack a fully charged battery booster too, in case you can’t find someone to lend a battery and a hand
  • A first aid kit, check and replenish this regularly as medications expire and certain items may perish over time from high temperatures in your vehicle
  • Bottled water and non-perishable snacks in case your emergency leaves you stranded for hours
  • A map book in case your GPS fails or your phone battery dies
  • A cellphone car battery charger
  • Duct tape, a pocket knife and Q20 lubricant, you’d be amazed at how many roadside emergencies this power-trio can take care of
  • Cash, good old-fashioned bank notes can help you pay for assistance and roadside repairs in areas where credit cards simply aren’t accepted

“Most of the time, getting from point A to point B is an uneventful experience and that’s certainly our wish for our customers and all motorists, but it never hurts to be prepared and that’s the message we want to drive home. Take a half hour and gather up these items and stash them in your boot. At the very most you’ll lose half an hour of time but in the event of an emergency these items could very well save your life and will definitely save your sanity,” du Plooy concluded.

Reference: This article was first published on www.twt.co.za

Be prepared for roadside emergencies with Tiger Wheel & Tyre's advice. Keep essentials like spare tire, jack & lever in your car.