F&B Distributor Optimises Vehicles and Workforce Using Cartrack Solutions

Lim Siang Huat deployed Cartrack’s Fleet Management Solution to effectively manage its fleet of vehicles and ensure that goods remain fresh while on the road.

Singapore, 7 May 2015 – Cartrack, the leading global provider of fleet management, announced today that Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd (LSH), the prominent and leading distributor of food and beverage (F&B) products in Singapore, has adopted Cartrack’s Fleet Management Solution to effectively manage its fleet of vehicles.

Cartrack’s scalable Fleet Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables LSH to gain real-time visibility on its fleet of over 50 vehicles over an online dashboard. It also provides historical information via comprehensive reports allowing LSH’s operations team to better plan its logistic resources.

“We approached Cartrack as our fleet size and customer base has increased to levels which require complex and comprehensive management solutions. We needed to modernize the management of our fleet to keep our service levels and our operational efficiencies and costs competitive. Previously, we used other vendors, however Cartrack meets our specific requirements for our F&B operations,” says Peter Lim, Director at Lim Siang Huat.

A key feature in the solution that LSH deployed is its in-vehicle temperature monitoring capability. The system automatically updates LSH’s operations of the temperature inside its refrigerated vehicles. It also sends them an alert when the temperature in any of its vehicles is not at its optimum range. This allows the company to properly manage the temperature in its fleet and ensure the freshness of perishable goods even while they are on the road.

“The uptime of our fleet is critical to our success in the F&B distribution business. Cartrack informs us on how our vehicles are being driven. With this, we are able to improve time management, improve fuel usage, lower labour costs, improve vehicle life cycles and most importantly better customer service. We find the alerts and reporting to be especially beneficial. For example, if the temperature of our refrigerated truck exceeds the threshold limit or if a driver violates any speed limit, our operations team will be immediately alerted.” Lim added.

LSH also enhanced its asset and operational efficiency with the deployment of Cartrack’s comprehensive solution, which includes software and database management running on a cloud infrastructure. Built on a platform of sophisticated telematics and GPS tracking technologies, the system allows organizations like LSH to actively manage their fleet of vehicles and mobile assets.

Evert Ong, CEO of Cartrack Singapore, said: “This strategic partnership with Lim Siang Huat underscores the significance of companies optimising their assets and workforce to stay competitive. Like LSH, many of our customers from across different industries and countries are finding our intelligent and intuitive fleet management solution to be an effective tool in enhancing productivity and driving efficiency. We at Cartrack have the technology required to help entrepreneurs with their operational strategy and are proud to have over 440,000 vehicles using our services.”


About Cartrack Technologies Asia Pte Ltd

Cartrack is a leading global provider of fleet management solutions, insurance telematics and vehicle tracking and recovery as a safety and security service. Cartrack collects raw data from telematics devices installed in vehicles transforming it into intelligent management reports, allowing business to maximise operational efficiencies of their vehicles and human resources, leading to significant financial savings and competitive advantages. Founded in South Africa, Cartrack designated Singapore as their global growth hub for countries outside Africa. Cartrack Technologies Asia currently has subsidiaries in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Poland, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit tsd.cartrack.com.my/en/.

Lim Siang Huat deployed Cartrack’s Fleet Management Solution to effectively manage its fleet of vehicles and ensure that goods remain fresh while on the road