Fú Dài 福袋

The joy of giving multiplies smiles and kindles happiness in the hearts of the underprivileged. A small gesture of kindness can bring cheer into an otherwise underprivileged home. At Cartrack, we care about those whose lives could be bettered by a little gesture from our side. Many individuals and families had something to cheer this Lunar New Year! Fú Dài is not just a care package, it is hope- for the elderly to be able to live with dignity and a ray of hope of better times to come for families in need.

It really was a ‘Happy’ New Year when 10 vehicles from Cartrack loaded with Fú Dài rolled into town. The purpose – to remind the less fortunate that they have not been forgotten. Volunteers from Cartrack gathered at the Singapore Expo on the 14th of January to deliver Fú Dài to the needy across the city. It was an initiative to bring monetary relief coupled with emotional bonding for those who had forgotten what having a friend felt like. The Community Chest has been successfully organising Fú Dài for the past three years. This year the proceeds from this event went towards supporting critical social service programmes needed to help beneficiaries. The Cartrack family believes in giving back to the community and were thrilled to be a part of this wonderful initiative. We believe that it is good to be blessed but it is better to be a blessing.

Spread smiles & kindle joy with small acts of kindness. Make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.