Green Driving. Reducing Carbon Footprint

In today’s business climate, companies worldwide cannot ignore the impact of the fleet operations on the environment. Companies are playing an important role in the safety, quality of life and health of everyone. At Cartrack, we recommend the following tips on how companies can start an initiative in saving the environment by looking into opportunities to reduce carbon emission and reduce cost.

Measuring your fleet’s carbon footprint:

  • To reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint, you need to measure it. Firstly, you need access the information of your annual fuel consumption of each vehicles in your fleet.
  • The following is the carbon emissions calculation of our vehicles:

For diesel vehicle: Take the number of liters of diesel used, multiply by 2.63 and divide by 1000.

For petrol vehicle: Take the number of liters of petrol used, multiply by 2.32 and divide by 1000.

  • With this, you can set a target for the emissions reduction you wish to achieve over a specific period of time. Start by reducing emissions by a set percentage each year.

Be eco-friendly with fleet management:

  • Vehicle Selection – Choose less polluting vehicles for your fleet, promote vehicles with low CO2 emissions.
  • Driver Training – Drivers need to adopt a greener driving style. A stable and safe driving style is not only more eco-friendly, but more cost efficient. Do not speed or engage in harsh driving behaviour.
  • Regular Servicing – Vehicles need to be regularly serviced; a poorly maintained vehicle has greater fuel consumption and produce higher emissions.
  • Tracking – Analyse and record business travel, idle time and off-time usage. Enable drivers to avoid congestion and use most efficient route. This will help you to identify opportunities to reduce mileage and emissions.
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption – Individual’s fuel consumption needs to be monitored to encourage fuel-efficient driving.

Implementing a green fleet policy is not difficult. It will not only decrease your company’s environmental impact, it also offers an effective way of reducing fleet cost. Choose Cartrack as your preferred partner for this green initiative.

Cartrack Fleet Management can help you track this information more accurately:

  • Fuel Report can be used to establish important data such as average fuel consumption per 100km traveled, and refueling details. These data will be the baseline to monitor ongoing performance.
  • Fleet management solution offers precise tracking and trending of fuel consumption, Insights information on drivers behaviour such as idling, speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering and other information like unauthorized usage help to identify areas where fuel consumption and costs to be reduced.
  • Schedule to next servicing in your account. Reminders prompt ensure that you send the vehicles for servicing at the right time.

Together, we can make a difference by lowing costs and emissions, fulfilling the expectation of corporate environmental responsibility.

Global companies impact environment through fleet ops. Safety, health, and quality of life rely on their role. #Environment #Safety #Health