How to Lose a Tail!

Losing a tail.
Driving home is one of the small things in life that can make you happy but in your bliss be vigilant of suspicious cars. You never know who’s spotted you!

Be careful when you’re out and about.

A worrying trend is that criminals will sit at malls and wait for their ‘target’ usually a person by themselves, with shopping goods. These ‘markers’ give them the belief that you are wealthy and an easy target. They will even follow you home and not make a move but rather start canvassing the area as well as you, for as long as two weeks.

Tips and advice on how to lose a tail

If you spot a suspicious car following you, make a few turns that you normally wouldn’t and see if they still follow you. If they are, pick up your phone and call the nearest police station, describe the vehicle, your situation and whereabouts, and head straight there! Here is some other important things to remember in this situation.

1. Do not drive fast or recklessly, this will alert your followers. They probably have better driving skills than you, are used to this sort of drama and most importantly have weapons!

2. Do not attempt to make contact with them. Do not look at them directly, if you give any reason for these guys to feel threatened, they will react.

3. When rounding a blind corner, and is safe to do so, accelerate quickly and try open a gap between you and the followers.

4. When you get to the police station and if they’re still tailing you, make as much noise as possible to get the attention of any police officers. Scream, shout, blow your hooter, if a quick getaway is required, turn the ignition off and run inside.

5. Unfortunately a terrifying trend has appeared, where carjackers are dressing as policeman and pulling over unsuspecting victims. In this situation if you feel that these officers are not the real deal do not stop, drive straight to the nearest police station.

Be safe out there!

Discover effective tail-shaking techniques to lose pursuers fast. Stay safe with expert tips in any situation. Start evading now!