The Advantages of Riding a Motorbike or Scooter

The advantages of incorporating motorbikes or scooters into your fleet

In a study conducted by the RAC in the UK, it was estimated that the average commuter can save roughly three hours per week travelling by motorbike instead of by car. This figure is probably slighter higher in South Africa as commuters usually have long distances to travel to work, and there are fewer, more congested routes along the way. Despite this, there are very few people who commute by bike, which may be a result of misinformation or a lack of information around travelling by bike.

Here, we discuss the advantages of travelling by motorbike, and encourage more individuals, business owners and fleet managers, to consider investing in scooters or bikes:

  1. The most obvious, and greatest, advantage of travelling by bike, is the ability to get through traffic faster and avoid sitting in traffic for hours on end, in highly congested areas. If you are a Fleet Manager of bikes or scooters, with Cartrack’s Bike Track package, you can have peace of mind in terms of where your bikes are at any given time.
  2. Parking – scooters and bikes take up significantly less space than cars, and require much less navigation through parking lots, and less time looking for somewhere to park – as there are often designated areas to park your bikes that are close to shops.
  3. Price – bikes are significantly cheaper than cars, and although the service costs of bikes and cars are roughly the same, the parts and tyres are significantly cheaper. Bikes are also extremely fuel-efficient, which means you’ll spend far less money on petrol too.
  4. Lifespan – bikes often outperform cars when it comes down to how many km’s you can get per litre of petrol.
  5. Insurance – insurance costs for bikes are far less than for cars, saving you or your business high insurance costs, which is extremely beneficial especially if you are a fleet manager

Although people are wary about bikes due to safety concerns, there are various precautions drivers can take as they ride and with Cartrack’s Bike Track product, for Fleet Management, you have access to real-time positioning and trip reports. So you can have your eyes on your fleet at all times.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Bike Track for Fleet Management, as well as our Bike Track Recovery SVR package.


Discover benefits of adding motorcycles/scooters to your fleet. RAC study estimates UK's avg savings.